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An Introduction to Building with the SIP Energy System

SIP Energy offer a supply and fit service for the SIP Energy system. This means that the building is structurally complete and effectively weatherproof over a short timeframe.

To this end, SIP Energy arrive to a prepared foundation, and then supply and fit

  • all SIP rising walls – both external and internal
  • joisting, decking
  • upper floor walls (where applicable)
  • gables
  • SIP roof system

…..leaving you with a complete SIP envelope, suitably wrapped in protective membrane(s), and ready for the application of external finishes or cladding’s, windows & doors, and roof finishes (e.g. slates/tiles/standing seam metals etc…)

For a representation of the above process, click HERE to see a time-lapse video of a typical project home. Internal follow-on trades can be carried out as time and budget allows.


For Professionals

If you want to achieve a competitive edge over traditional construction methods consider building with SIP Energy. The SIP construction process reduces building time and improves efficiency – two of the most important factors in your success.


Advantages of building with SIP’s for Professional’s

  • Time to completion – shorter build times, using SIP walls and roof system
  • Reduced on-site costs due to shortened programme for scaffold hire, plant, labour
  • Pre-insulated, airtight, floored attic space / bonus living space
  • Superior sound proofing
  • Can accommodate screed floors on upper storeys
  • Accuracy, Repeatability means that SIPs are ideal for projects involving multiple buildings
  • Cost effective build and long term design
  • Move your business to the next level by thinking, building and selling efficient buildings – it’s the way of the future!