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Passive House Plus Magazine

Following on from yesterday's article in Passive House Plus magazine, some interesting numbers: it exceeded the Passiv Haus standard for airtightness by double (100% over), at 0.3ACH - at first fix. This is an inherent property of SIP panels, and shows the quality of our panels, their joints & fixings. You can meet & exceed PHI stadards for airtightness in a SIP, without requiring any membranes or tapes to the walls or roof. No other building system will do that for you. And, by dint...
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SIP Energy at Home Improvement Show

SIP Energy are displaying our new range of SIP-Pods at this week's Home Improvement Show in Leisureland, Salthill this Saturday 9th & 10th April. To coincide with the show, and as part of the Irish product launch, we have a special May pricing offer - do call in and see how you can add value & charm to your home with a quality, Galway-built product
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