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What type of foundation do I need?
We can utilise conventional foundation formats, and recommend a raft or slab for accuracy and speed of build. Being a factory-made product, it is important that attention is paid to foundation accuracy and layout to ensure quick accurate construction on-site without having to make any on-site foundation adjustments
Do you supply SIP Energy Homes all over Ireland?
I would like a concrete floor upstairs – is this possible in a SIP Home ?
Yes. We can engineer the structure to accommodate either conventional sand/cement screed, or lightweight concrete screeds, at your convenience. We simply need to know this at time of design.
I want Underfloor Heating (UFH) upstairs – is this possible in a SIP Home?
Yes. UFH can be fitted without any problem in a SIP Home, either upstairs or downstairs. You can use any number of current UFH systems – either based on dry radiant system, through a lightweight concrete screed or through a traditional sand/cement screed, to suit your own needs. We will engineer the structure to suit – just let us know your requirements.
Is a SIP home noisier than a traditional block built house?
No. All house types are subject to the same sound regulations issued by the DoE, irrespective of type of construction, and SIP houses perform ahead of Building Regulation requirements. For those who require performance far in excess of those standards, we are pleased to advise on ancillary measures to further increase acoustic performance.
How long does it take a SIP Energy home to be built?

A: We aim to build most types on site inside 7 days, but this is dependant upon the complexity of the design.