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Passive House Plus Magazine

Following on from yesterday’s article in Passive House Plus magazine, some interesting numbers: it exceeded the Passiv Haus standard for airtightness by double (100% over), at 0.3ACH – at first fix.

This is an inherent property of SIP panels, and shows the quality of our panels, their joints & fixings. You can meet & exceed PHI stadards for airtightness in a SIP, without requiring any membranes or tapes to the walls or roof. No other building system will do that for you. And, by dint of NOT relying on them…..you can’t ‘puncture’ them either!

So, it makes your build both easier and cheaper, to finish. The average spend on membranes in other systems of build is about €4000. Wouldn’t you be glad to NOT have to spend that, and to use it for something else ? We think so.