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SIP Building Systems

SIP Building Systems
The simplest tenet for efficient buildings today is to build a quality building structure. That is, to get your erected superstructure insulated and as airtight as possible, and then to deliver it in short timescales for fast erection onsite.

SIP Energy’s Structural Insulated Panels deliver the most effective method to guarantee the quality and performance of your finished building, and are suitable for all scales of building: from volume developments to one-off and bespoke, and with performance up to and including Passive House performance.

Manufactured of high quality materials, with high thermal and airtightness performance, they are made to last whilst also giving speedy on-site assembly times. This delivers measured savings in onsite works, and ensures faster turnaround on your project.

Agrément certified, permanent, durable and secure for building uses such as homes, schools, office space, laboratory or recreation uses.

Contact us with your requirement and let us show you how we can deliver your goals, today.