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Why Build With SIPs?

The single greatest reason for building using SIP Energy technology is because people want a warm, comfortable building that is easy and very economical to heat, as well as straightforward and cost-effective to build. This requirement is as true of Homes and Schools, as it is of Offices, Care Homes and Hospitals etc.

Ever increasing energy costs mean that we are now more conscious of how much energy we use, and how much that energy costs. So, we need to make much more effective use of any energy we do consume – and SIP Energy technology is the simple, effective way to do it. SIP Energy panels, used to construct the walls and roof of your building, are pre-engineered, manufactured in a modern, purpose-built factory, to exacting quality standards, and transported, ready for erection, to your site. This ensures your build goes up quickly and accurately, and delivering in the most effective way, your efficient building.


What is a SIP Panel?

SIP panels are an inner core of high performance structural-grade XPS insulation sandwiched between outer layers of oriented strand board timber (OSB), to create one single, insulated, airtight panel, for use as either a wall or roof.


What are the key features of SIP Construction?

SIP Energy panels are particularly airtight. This airtightness allows you to include aerothermal and passive solar design features in your design. Airtightness also brings other great benefits: they lock out draughts, they bring excellent acoustic properties to the building, and as a result SIP Energy buildings are inherently very quiet. .

SIP Energy panels have excellent insulation properties. The core of rigid XPS insulation will not sag, slump, nor the u-value degrade, over time. SIP Energy panels are available in a variety of panel thickness’ to suit your requirements. Warm Roof: Warm Roof construction means an ‘all building’ warm envelope. No freezing pipes in the attic space, as well as being an ideal location for placing HRV systems, supporting Solar Panels etc.

SIP Energy Panels bring design freedom, such as:

  • Vaulted ceilings are straightforward, as well as being warm
  • Flat roof and monopitch designs are very effectively built
  • As SIP Energy buildings do not use intrusive timbers in attic spaces, there is often an additional habitable room-in-the-roof (‘Bonus Room’).


Can be used as the basis for various roof systems (e.g. Sedum,Grass roof).

SIP Energy buildings are inherently strong, durable, and are tested and proven to have a comparable design life to any other building method.