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SIP Purchase Process

  • Where to begin: First, send (by email) or post, a copy of your house plans to SIP Energy Homes. We can handle all formats, and welcome plans by CAD., See our contact detailshere.
  • SIP Energy Homes will review your plans, adapt them to SIP build details, and send you a detailed estimate based on your design. Each estimate is prepared showing precisely what is included in your kit, so that communication is kept open and straightforward
  • When you select SIP Energy for your build, we will enter into a Sales Contract with you, within which our mutually agreed payment terms are enclosed..
  • We prepare drawings for your approval. Once the drawings are approved by you we then schedule your system for manufacture.
  • Manufacture of your SIP Energy system in our factory.
  • On the agreed date the system will be delivered and erected by our own erection team.